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Oh No! Bride Falls Off Her Husband’s Motorcycle On Their Wedding Day (Video)

A woman who had just gotten married has also gotten the embarrassment of her life while riding with her new husband on the street.

This is the moment a woman who had just gotten married was caught in an embarrassing situation.
She was seen riding on a scooter with her husband when she fell down from it.
The incident is said to have occurred in China.
What shocked most people who witnessed the incident was that he seemed to have failed to notice that his bride had fallen off the back of his electric scooter.
The video, posted to Facebook by the state-run People’s Daily newspaper, shows the bride sitting side-saddle style on the back of an electric scooter being driven by her groom.
The scooter goes over a speed bump and bucks the bride off the back of the bike.
Bystanders stop to help the woman get to her feet as her husband continues to ride off into the distance.
Watch the video below:

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