Nollywood Can Influence The Mentality of the Masses – Rapper, Eldee

The former Trybesman member, he expressed in a series of posts that Nollywood needs to improve on its storytelling because it influences how we are portrayed to the world.

He called on creatives to recognise the power they have and they should work on their storytelling.

Eldee further explained that movie makers should be deliberate in their storytelling. This means that they should have an aim they are trying to achieve with their movies and not just doing movies for the sake of it. He cited the example of the national TV station, NTA, in the 80s which consciously aired movies that promoted the Nigerian culture and values.

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Eldee further shared wise words as he explained that our stories should start to preach fairness, integrity, hard work and other good qualities. According to him, apart from music and sports, Nollywood also connects Nigerians, and better effort should be put into their content.

He also cited the example of the Hollywood movie, The Black Panther. He explained that Wakanda which is the location portrayed in Black Panther is a fictional place, but many people seem to identify with it. Therefore, we should not underestimate the power of a good story to plant the right seeds.


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