Mercy Johnson
Mercy Johnson


Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson Thanks Fans In Cute Video Spoiled By Her Little Daughter

Correspondent earlier shared how Mercy Johnson clocked a year older on August 28 and was celebrated by her darling husband, Prince Odi, friends and many fans. In returning all that love and good wishes, the beautiful mother of three released a video thanking everyone for their sweet birthday messages.

Mercy Johnson’s life has been nothing but inspiring for her fans scattered all over the world. She’s evidence that life as a famous actress doesn’t stop one from being happily married and a great mother to three adorable children.

At 34, the loved Mercy is living her best life, she married to the love her life, is an amazing mother to her kids and has several endorsement deals that have made her bank account even fatter.

All that blessing and the cute woman still makes time to thanks her family, friends and fans for all the love she got on her birthday. She released a cute video on Instagram featuring one of her babies and another one in the background, reminding her of her mummy duties.

So adorable!

Meanwhile, Johnson had most of her fans seeing several dimensions to her beauty when she released photos of herself rocking a low cut hair style.


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