Nollywood Actress In Hot Romance With Gambian President? Movie Star Talks On Rumoured Affair

Popular Nollywood actress who has featured in many movies and ranks among one of sexiest actresses in the game, has spoken out on the alleged romance with Gambian President.

Actress Moyo Lawal
One of Nollywood’s s*xiest actresses, Moyo Lawal has slammed viral reports that she is having a romantic affair with the President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh.
According to Vanguard Allure, few days ago, the hour-glass shaped actress, who was recently spotted in Gambia in company of her best friend and colleague, Mimi Orjiekwe, and it sparked a rumour after a popular blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus dropped a hint that some Nollywood actresses are no longer getting scripts but using “their privates” to substitute scripts.
“Some Nollywood actresses are no longer getting scripts but using their privates to substitute scripts and deceiving people that their Hustle as actors pays whilst it is their ‘hustle’ as runs babe/men that is actually paying off…
Actress Moyo Lawal (middle) showing off her big bum with friends
“Two actresses recently returned (Are they back yet or off again?) from a trip where they went to visit the president of a Country in Africa.The president was GAMe with their Game.
“One of them who is a kinda newly married actress (well she married in 2015) is giving the cookie to the African President and she went with one of her actress friend in tow..The Escorter is single so GAMBling with the trip was okay.
“The actress was allegedly pimped to the President by a male colleague of hers and all lips are supposedly sealed concerning this gist but we all know there is always a leak,especially because no one is to be trusted in that place called Nollywood,” the blogger reported.
The actress doing sqauts to enhance her booty
From the comments section all fingers were pointing at Moyo and Mimi because both of them have been frequenting Gambia for a while and have also started a picture series on Instagram with the hashtag #Gambiandiary.
One of the fingered actress, Moyo Lawal, who admitted that she has been visiting Gambia of recent, however refuted the allegations, by laughing off the reports.
Although she admitted that she has been visiting Gambia of recent, but for different reasons and not to see or romance the President of the tourism-dependent nation.
Taking out time to correct the wrong impression that has loomed over her for some time which alleged that her big butt is not natural and that she had a sugery to enhance it, the curvaceous actress took to her Instagram page to clear the air when she uploaded a video of herself engaging in a series of physical exercises that has over time made her butt as big as it is.
“No! I haven’t done any surgery whatsoever, or booty implants, or took booty pills or rubbed booty cream. You people sef! It was my mama who gave me. However, I used to do a lot of squats, and yes, I’m back on my workout grind after taking a seven months break. Anyways, the static squat is one of my favourite exercises to do, and yes, you can try it. Please don’t do it if you have weak knees or issues with your leg,” she wrote.

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