Nigerians Regret Voting For President Buhari – Ex APC Gov Aspirant Says

Former APC, governorship aspirant in Benue state, Nath Apir has said that Nigerians are currently regretting that they voted President Buhari into office. According to Vanguard, Apir said this in a media chat with newsmen in Makurdi, Benue state on Thursday September 1st, Vanguard reports.

“During the last administration. Our economy was performing above average. This government came in and because every government comes in to fix the problems of the previous government. It took Presidemt Buhari six months to appoint Ministers in a country where, whether rightly or wrongly was rated by the World Bank and the IMF as Africa’s largest and number one economy.

“We did not get that rating through bribe. On coming to government it behoved this administration to inflate the tyres that were low on air pressure, grease those bearings that needed to be oiled so that we don’t grind to a halt just like we are in now. Our country is in shambles, the people can hardly feed, the Naira has crashed to over N400 to the Dollar. They talk of recovering money from looters and we have not seen where the monies have gone to.

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Six months no Minister and the country was drifting and has not recovered till today and he has brought us to this level. Nigerians are regretting voting Buhari, that is the truth. All his policies had been anti corruption, by the time he came in as military ruler in 1983 we resorted to the purchasing of essential commodities. We are back to that vicious circle.

He, however, applauded President Buhari for his corruption fight.

“President Buhari’s war on corruption is excellent and I support it, but he must not use his anti corruption war to destroy the country’s economy. He should strengthen institutions to fight corruption. You want to fight corruption go after bankers, permanent secretaries as well, don’t just go after only highly exposed political people. These people cannot transfer monies without the banks”, he said.


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