Nigerian Woman Shares Her Traumatic Experience About BBL Surgery

A Nigerian woman has shared the pain and struggles she encountered after undergoing BBL cosmetic surgery.

According to her, the painful thing about cosmetic surgeries isn’t the initial molding of the body, where knives and needles are used, but rather the healing process.

As she narrated the process, the pain, and what she had to do after her surgery to achieve her curvy body, she could be spotted on a bed while struggling to sit up.

In another slide, she showed netizens how dark her skin had gotten after surgery and a big wound opening on her waist and belly area.

She said, “People don’t understand that the surgery is not the painful part. The painful part is the aftercare. I asked around after my surgery, and everyone I asked recommended Dr Udima for me.

“After my surgery, she came around and was doing my drainage and massages, everything. After a while, I noticed this burn on my tummy. It was really bad. I didn’t get it; it was like a joke to me.”

She reiterated how she cried for days and was deprived of sleep because of the opening on her skin.

“I saw the burn start opening. It became a very serious injury; it was terrible. But thank you to Dr Udima she was there for me all the way.

“Guys I was in pain. I cried every day but look at me now. My stomach is clear. The scars are clearing,” she added.

Watch the video below:


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