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Nigerian Singer, Waje Doesn’t Want to be Asked How She Feels Being a Single Mum

Just in case you get the opportunity to interview Waje next maybe you should skip the “how does it feel like to be single mum” question as she thinks it’s becoming boring.
Waje made this known via her Instagram stories on Monday, October 22, 2018. The reason behind this new move isn’t known we are so sure Waje is tired of answering that particular question.

“Stop asking me questions like “how does it feel like to be a single mother or a mother!” What are the challenges as an artist. My child is 19, not 2…I have forgotten! Ask me about music and music and more about music and add if I have eaten today…” she wrote.

Errr…well Waje is one interesting person to interview and if you are smart enough to dig deep, you’d be able to get the singer to talk about other topics other than her child. During an exclusive interview with her a few months ago, Waje spoke a lot about handling cyberbullying and even the time she went through depression.

Waje talks about handling cyberbullying as a celebrity

Waje is one of those celebrities who has been cyberbullied on social media and has been able to handle it well. During an exclusive interview with PULSE, the talented singer revealed that she doesn’t really take cyber bullies seriously as she feels that she is a loveable person which is why they don’t get to her.

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“I understand that you don’t know me so your comments is just a comment, you don’t know me. Because if I am standing right in front of you, you will love me, I get it a lot. There are people that come in front of me and be like Oh My God Waje, so if you are standing in front of me, you won’t say it.

“So half the time it is attention you are looking for or maybe it is a bad day for you or you are just a hater. And it is ok! Everybody cannot be loveable, for love to exist, hate has to exist so, I can understand. There are times when I’d just ok, I’ll reply them,” she said.

She went on to advice other celebrities on how to handle these cyber bullies especially since they are not people they know personally.


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