Nigerian OAP, Freeze Responds To Wife-Snatching Saga


Popular media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde aka Daddy Freeze, has responded to allegations made from a faceless Instagram [email protected] – about him impregnating a married woman who was still living with her husband at the time.

The newly opened Instagram/Twitter account has been solely focused on calling out on-air personality Freeze for a few days now. The anonymous account made allegations of Freeze having a relationship with a married woman, making false domestic violence claims and more.

The poster wrote, “You were so depressed that you went around and started sleeping with your friend’s wife. A mother of 4! You even have the guts to flaunt her as your fiancée. Is that the behavior of a depressed man? You say you pledged tithes of 3.9 million to a church.”

Freeze has come hard at the accuser via a video on Instagram challenging the person behind the account to come out.

He also said that he knows who the person behind the handle is, adding that the individual molests “small small boys”. He also asks the person “why (did) your wife leave you?”

“Andela, if you know you are not an inglorious bastard faggot, from the pits of hell, show your face!

“I hereby dare you, in front of the whole world; to release whatever evidence you claim to have against me you cowardly cretin!

“Initially, I said I wouldn’t talk about this. However, I have changed my mind, and will now address the issue.


“1: I never collected anyone’s wife from him or her, so I demand that you stop with immediate effect, your unfettered attempt to traduce my image and supplant it with a fungating delineation of my person!

“2: Contrary to your benighted claim, I never impregnated any woman inside her husband’s house.

“3: I hereby DENY all your unlettered allegations and challenge you to show yourself, in order for me to assist you, in making acquaintance of your own unhinged idiocy.

“How dare you post my son’s picture, you blistering lunatic! Leave my children out of your buffoonery and FACE ME, YOU COWARD!”

All through 2015, Freeze was in the news on account of his messy separation from his wife.

Although he owns a blog where he shares his uncensored thoughts and opinion, it is nothing compared to his Instagram account where he lampoons religious bodies and pastors. He also reiterates the fact that all that Nigeria needs are more factories and not more churches. His unfiltered comments on politics, religion, love and marriage has earned so much criticism and applause alike.

He is also renowned for accusing Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God of making vague prophesies. He then charged his followers to be wary of his false prophecies. Although he has continued to come under attack from die-hard members of the churches whom he attacks, there appears to be no stopping Freeze, at least for now.


Written by Deborah O

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