Nigerian Musician, Tunde Ednut Advises Those Who Are 35 And Are Not Married

Musician turned Instagram celebrity, Tunde Ednut, has shared relationship advice on social media that is making people ask questions. According to Ednut, people above 35 who are still selective of who to settle down with should get to it as they have no time.

There’s been countless debates on social media whether marriage is the ultimate goal in life, seeing as society frowns on people who choose to ride solo. In Nigeria, marriage is considered one of the most important things, especially for women. So much that recently, a certain lecturer reportedly told his students that single mothers are love peddlers.

It appears, Tunde, who himself is still unmarried agrees with the ideal that marriage is compulsory for every human. It’s no wonder he shared a post stating that those above 35 years of age have no time and don’t have the luxury of picking the right partner for them

He insinuated that rather than being selective of who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they should apparently settle for whatever as time is clocking out on them having children. He also expressed that it might be a huge abomination if they decide to waste time as by now, having a child at 35, means they will be 50 when child clocks 10.

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Read his post below:

There’s no doubt that Nigerian feminists would have Ednut’s head on a plate when they come across his statement which obviously suggests that women and men above 35 should settle for anyone in marriage because time is not on their side.


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