Nigerian Musician, MC Galaxy Calls Out Soundcity For Totally Ignoring His Music

A number of Nigerian musicians have made it in the industry due to the influence of TV and radio stations which helped publicise their songs till they attained stardom.

It is an undeniable fact that these media houses have a great influence in an entertainer’s career and they sometimes use this to their advantage.

Popular singer, MC Galaxy, recently took to his Instagram handle to call out Soundcity because he feels they purposely ignore his songs. The post has now been deleted from his page.

According to him, they want him on his knees before they acknowledge his work but he is obviously not down for that. He said: “If you no strong, Soundcity go frustrate you, you go go village. Me I strong pass them.”

The star also used the opportunity to encourage upcoming stars who might be finding it hard to make it. He said: “I want to advice all the upcoming artistes, you don’t need Soundcity to blow, na God you need. Thank God sey we get other TV stations wey dey support good music.”



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