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Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy Shocks Fans During An Instagram live Session-Watch

Nigerian disc jockey DJ Cuppy shocked her fans when she broke down in tears during an Instagram live session.

The reason for her tears is still unknown but fans have speculated that the constant abuse she gets on social media could be the cause.

The “Gelato” hitmaker is one of the most abused celebrities on social media mostly because of her rich father Femi Otedola and also her music.

Unfortunately we cannot confirm if that is why she broke down in tears and abruptly ended the live video session with her fans.

Social media users have reacted to the video which is currently trending.

While many people were at a loss as to why she she was crying, others condemned the trolls who constantly make her feel miserable because she comes from a rich family.

Check out some comments below:

Damola A wrote ;

This one is talking as if DJ cuppy shouldn’t ever cry. What if it’s onions 😒 or are rich people immune to tears????

Ebony_funmi wrote ;

A lot of people with issues in this country, i just saw a video of Dj Cuppy on IG,she was in tears…i read through the comments and people saying all sorts…its only in Nigeria that i know that if you’re rich,its a problem and if you’re poor its its another problem.

Akanimoh_Friday wrote ;

I have never seen my favorite DJ Cuppy in this mood before.

Why was she crying on her Instagram live post? I’m just curious.

She’s got a happy disposition. I’m sad.


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