Nigerian Comedian, Igodye Finally Speak On Why He Attacked Former Governor Uduaghan

Popular Nigerian comedian, Igodye has explained why he recently attacked former Delta state governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, over his senatorial ambition.

This is coming after he faced major criticism from his friend and colleague Bovi who accused him of attacking the governor after benefiting from him.

The comedian few days ago urged Uduaghan not to go to the Senate because he failed his people when he was the governor of the state for 8 years.

Speaking in an interview with Correspondent, Igodye said his attack on the former governor was not ‘being influenced by any political interest or financial gain.’

I Go Dye maintained that he was speaking as a visionary who cares about the development of Nigeria.

“I am not speaking in the interest of APC or PDP. I am just a visionary, who cares for the development of Nigeria. There is no government that I have not spoken about . The truth cannot be bought or concealed, let no man be deceived. I have never collected money from any political party or politician.

”When I act in my professional capacity as a comedian at their events, I’m just paid my professional fees, it doesn’t mean I have been given a cheque or contract by anyone of them,that’s why I am bold enough to speak the ugly truth anytime. If they feel I have endorsed him before, I am no longer endorsing him. We cannot continue like this. If they care enough, they should find out why the pensioners are not paid, and why our state is not being developed.

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”I have expressed this to him that he should be advocating for our sea ports reopening to create jobs for our people and I haven’t said anything different.

”We all are bold enough to speak the truth, however, every man has a right to die for his own hero. Today the x-ray is on him,tomorrow it might be Okowa’s turn.

”I’m not standing for anyone, let them all do the needful when the ball is in their court,” he said.

Meanwhile, comedian Bovi had treatened to beat up Igodye after the later messed with memories of his late mother.



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