Nigerian Comedian, Basketmouth “I Am a Very Shy Person”

In an interview he recently had, Basketmouth disclosed some interesting facts about the nomination and himself. The popular comedian gave a brief about how he became a comedian.

According to him, his love for comedy was inspired by Eddie Murphy and his role in Coming to America. At that time, he did not even know that the American actor was also a stand-up comedian. Even from the movie, Basketmouth had derived a sort of calling that pulled him into the profession.

Given that he already knew where his passion lies, Basketmouth said that he had an early start which dated as far back as his days at the University of Benin and even before then. The veteran comedian also touched on the feeling of satisfaction he derived from the whole act of making people laugh:

“Comedy gives you that same feeling of satisfaction the fact that you create an idea or a story in your head and you bring it to life and you tell people…You know whether it’s from your experience or stories you’ve heard, and you make it a joke and you tell them and they actually you know laugh.”

According to the 40-year-old comic actor, it was this satisfactory feeling that came from making people laugh that pushed him into comedy in the first place. He confessed that he was a shy person and would naturally not have ventured into comedy.

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“So when I started doing comedy I did not know I was going to be popular or famous, this is new to me I’m a very shy person, I was just doing it because I enjoy making people laugh, I was doing it for free, the first time I charged for a performance is because I was hungry and someone said that the people that brought would pay you. In my mind, I was like oh them dey pay? {laughs} so when you enter into that space you realize that there are some things that you have to let go off you can’t start a full-time comedy career and be doing other things on the side so you have to let go of everything and you have to just step in, if you fail you fail, if you win you win.

” Talking about his achievement so far, Basketmouth highlighted the concert he held last year at the Wembley arena. But he said this was not his biggest success. According to him, he had hosted several shows like This Day music festival and Montreux’s comedy festival in Switzerland that saw him rubbing shoulders with international celebrities like Beyonce, Busta Rhymes and more. Basketmouth, who is a big fan of comedy pioneer whose name is, Richard Prior, gushed about how he sat on the chair of a veteran comedian.


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