Nigerian Artist, Harrysong Asks “Kizz Daniel To Grow Up And Focus On His Career”

In an interview, Harrysong revealed that he never expecting Kizz Daniel to include some of his own lyrics in his verse adding that, he acting arrogantly all through the recording session and after the release of the hit track.

The war also began after Kizz Daniel found out Reekado Banks was also featured in the same song. All this put together prompted me in releasing the remix of the song.

Harrysong said: “I didn’t expect him to jump on my song and put out words that are not right. He exhibited arrogance during and after the recording of the song and I was not very happy about it. It didn’t allow me to take the song to the level I wished to take it to. Kizz Daniel is too proud. I don’t know why a young boy like him can be so arrogant. You don’t just open your mouth and say anything because you feel you have the liberty to talk. Not to me. Not on my song. I would never take that from him. The fact is that I never wanted to release the song when I heard Kizz’s verse but I could not stop it because millions of people were waiting to hear what myself, Kiss and Reekado Banks would come up with on the song. Stopping its release would not be good enough, so I let it go.”

On his present relationship with Kizz Daniel and if the young boy has reconciled with Reekado Banks, Harrysong disclosed that he sees a young boy who needs to be schooled. He added that, the young star should just keep quiet and focus on his career.

He said: “Everything is back to normal and I have not even seen him. I don’t want to talk about him because I am focusing on my job, not him. If I was thinking about him, I would not have released the remix. For me to have abandoned the first ‘Selense’ should tell anyone that I am always quick to move on to the next plan. Nothing is capable of slowing me down. This is Harrysong, the man whose grace of God is sufficient for. Let’s talk about me and not anybody else. He’s a small boy who needs to be schooled. I think he should go and fire whoever is handling his PR for him. He should put his house in shape. I had vowed I would not respond to this anymore. I am not paying attention to that right now. This matter is not for this moment. It would be addressed later. See let me tell you, Kizz Daniel should not force me to talk. I saw the concocted statement that was released from his stable on this matter. He should just keep quiet and focus on building his career rather trying to act funny with me. He claimed he did not have any issue with Reekado Banks in that statement that was released by one quack, who claimed to be part of his PR team. This is the same Kizz Daniel that said he never wanted to have anything to do with Reekado Banks when he heard that he would be on, Selense with him. Now he came out to the public to say he has no issue with Reekado Banks. He should learn how to put his house in order. I feel sorry for the boy. As of the time of recording the song, he said he would not do anything for Reekado Banks for personal reasons. So, if he has reconciled with Reekado Banks now, congratulations to him. His ignorance and those around him is becoming so glaring.”

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