Nigeria: I Won’t Be Rushed To Sign The Budget – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that he will not sign the 2016 Budget Appropriation Bill into law under pressure.

According to a Punch report, the President made the statement on Thursday, ruling out the possibility of the budget being signed as early as many Nigerians had anticipated.

Buhari has stated that he will be conducted a ministry-by-ministry review of the budget to ensure that no major changes had been made to the document.

“Some bureaucrats removed what we put in the proposal and replaced them with what they wanted. I have to look at the bill that has been passed by the National Assembly, ministry by ministry, to be sure that what has been brought back for me to sign is in line with our original submission,” Buhari said.

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The President, who is currently in the United States for the 4th Nuclear Security Summit, took the opportunity to reiterate his commitment to the war against corruption, seeking US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s assistance in the repatriation of Nigerian funds within the American banking system.

“It will greatly help our country if you assist us to recover all our stolen funds which we can establish to be within your financial system,” the President told Kerry.


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