Monalisa Chinda 
Monalisa Chinda 

Nigeria: Why I Stopped My Daughter From Acting – Actress, Monalisa Chinda

Nollywood superstar, Monalisa Chinda, recently opened up about her acting career and marriage. Speaking of life as an actress, show host, wife and a mother, she revealed that she will stop her daughter from nursing the idea of acting, if possible. She revealed that she would not like her daughter to choose acting as a profession.

This was in a recent interview where she spoke on several issues guilding her acting career and the movie industry. While Monalisa owes most of her success to acting, she admitted that the lifestyle that comes with being famous is one that is difficult and she won’t want her daughter to go through it.
Chinda shared details about acting and what she thinks about the ability to bring fictional characters to life.

When asked if she will ever let her daughter go into acting, she said: “With what’s going on now? I would try to talk her out of it. It’s difficult to deal with fame. The society would expect you to act in a certain way, talk in a certain way, and not seen in certain places. It’s difficult. However, I am not God. He may have His own purpose for her. After all, we are here to fulfil our purposes on earth.”

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Being a beautiful woman with flawless skin is one of the things people love about Monalisa, so naturally, the ivory actress is considered one of the gorgeous women in the entertainment industry. When asked if knowing she’s beautiful boost her ego, she responded by saying: “Honestly, I wasn’t sure what beautiful meant when I was growing up. Someone must have told you….Perhaps… You know, as you grow older you begin to be more comfortable in your skin; more conscious of whom you truly are.

I sort of knew there is something special about me just as anyone else out there. You must discover who you are at some point.” Speaking about her life as a married woman, Chinda, attributed its success to God. The mother of one tied the knot with Victor Tonye Corker in 2016. She said: “God is the one who safeguards all marriages. However, as a human, I try to strike the balance. Nothing comes between me and my home. Nothing.

I don’t like to take advantage of things. I am an organic woman. Therefore, my family comes first before my career. I do not know any other way.”


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