NIGERIA: RCCG Guidebook That Teaches Children To Pay Tithe Sparks Fierce Debate Online

An Redeemed Christian Church of God guidebook has come under fire by social media users for teaching children to pay tithe from money they collect from their parents.

General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Many people have reacted to a controversial Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) teachers guide book online teaching little children to pay tithe.
The argument is that since many children are not working, how are they being taught to start paying tithe at a tender age when they are not staying on their own.
The book specifically mentioned that children should ensure that they collect money from their parents to pay tithe which many people believe is wrong.
The photo posted by Laila has seen many people reacting in different ways. Some are in support while others disagree with the teaching.
A commenter wrote: “Hay God!
“Teaching is OK, for them to pay tithe is wat I don’t understand, are dey working? I Tot tithe is for income earners, so if I give my child 100naira to buy sweets, he/she should give God 10naira for tithe! Daddy GO easy ooo, it’s not business, dis one pass me oooo.”
Another added: “Is nice teaching them how to pay tithe. If they receive any gift they should give their parents and tell them to pay their tithe from it. If they develop the habit of tithe paying they will never be poor in life. I have been doing this from secondary school and I have never and by God’s grace will never go poor. If God knows you will be faithful to pay tithe from 10m,he will definitely give you 100m.”
Someone else said: “Tithe is a personal thing. I personally do not believe I must give to a church to tithe. I can earmark 10% of my income to helping those in need or doing charitable deeds, that is what I believe in. Or must not be to a church or pastor!”
“The way pastors go on and on about thiting, one would think it was jesus’ sole message when he was on earth. Truth is he never spoke of it.” another person added.

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