Nigeria: Prisoners Rejoice with Aisha Bello In IKoyi prison

Well known Nigerian universal model turned business visionary Aisha Bello turned a year more established on March 11, and commended her huge day with jail detainees at Ikoyi jail Lagos.

The beautiful CEO and creative director of elegantebyaisha and director of Star Models Africa, went to Ikoyi prison to celebrate her great day with the inmates.

Bringing along with her gifts which she shared to the inmates as they all wined and celebrated with her.

According to Aisha, when asked why she choose to celebrate her birthday in a charitable manner, she explained that the society has many people who are free and they forget that many others are confined and can’t experience that freedom.

That it is one’s duty as humans to let other less privileged benefit from their happiness they have, to let them know that there can be love out there and even though they have challenges at the moment, they should never give up on love and goodness.

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That it is one’s obligation as human to let other less special advantage from their bliss they have, to tell them that there can be love out there and despite the fact that they have challenges right now, they ought to never abandon love and goodness.

So that when they eventually regain their freedom, they will keep a positive attitude towards life and also understand the need to show love to others.


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