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In Nigeria: President Buhari Set To Declare State Of Emergency In Zamfara State

Lagos – President Muhammadu Buhari has actually come under enhancing stress to declare a state of emergency situation in Zamfara state, with Senator Mohammad Dansadau advising him to do so as a result of the high numbers of killing.

The North-west state has been gripped by terror with many lives being lost and the destruction of infrastructure.

He urged President Buhari to especially focus on events in the state saying that he should appoint a sole administrator to oversee affairs in the state and to guide it away from chaos.

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Fulani herdsmen have been holding the state captive by Dterror, invading land and using violence to gain control of the region.

News24 Nigeria reported that Buhari ordered the police and military to take all necessary action to bring an end to the death and destruction in the state.

The Fulani herdsmen also made shocking claims that they had ties and were protected by the Buhari administration.


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