Nigeria: Noble Igwe Simplifies Tweets On “Yahoo” Boys

Throughout the end of the week, Noble Igwe went under genuine examination by Online fraudsters prominently known as Yahoo boys or G young men fans for denouncing their exercises. While some concurred with this position, some turned out to blame him for being oblivious. A couple, then again, were worried that his announcements has put bona fide organizations in danger.

Noble Igwe lisited fraud fronts in Nigeria which is a common knowledge but a bearded Oyemykke thinks Noble Igwe is wrong for calling out fraudsters. No valid reason in his video. All he kept saying was “STUPID”. We know Noble is short, drop another line.

— Iyá Lájè Of Lagos (@newscantell) May 12, 2018

Now, the 360nobs CEO has come out to explain that his tweets were not ‘directed to a person’. Read his tweets below:

To clarify certain aspects of my tweets.

We are the society that we live in and we can either make it better or leave it worse.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

NOT ALL Record labels, shops on Fola Osibo /Admiralty way is a front for fraud as there are people in these businesses that are legit.

I didn’t not SAY All and I do know there are a lot of people who really love entertainment and have invested in it.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

There are car sellers that are legit,there are club owners that are legit.

There’s fraud is all aspect of our society including the church.
I agree that the Government has made our society what it is today but you’d also agree with me that we cannot continue

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

to tarnish our image within and outside of Africa.

The legislative, executive and judiciary has failed us but how can do compensate by taking from one another.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

We need live an exemplary live for our younger ones.

We can wear Zara and wear it with pride, we can drink beer and not be looked down on,we can celebrate and not make it look like we have to pop bottles to prove a point.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

My tweets calls for all of us to look within and see how we can make the society better.

The people in government are our friends and family.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

We are constantly insulted on social media as frauds by people from neighboring countries and beyond.

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— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

Let us use our platforms to peach change,let us use our lives to motivate younger ones. Let us use our music to tell inspirational stories.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018
We no longer take joy in the easy things of life.

If everyone is hustling by all means to buy a Benz, who will fix them for us ?

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

Let everyone with a voice stand for a better Nigeria in all that we do .

We have one of the most hard working young people in every part of the world doing big things.

Let us celebrate them and support them.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

I cannot tell the law how to go about their business but it will be nice to have young people doing all the right things so that together we can have the type of government we deserve.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

We are hard working people and we deserve the best.

It does not stop at getting PVCs, we should go a step further by holding our elected officials accountable.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

To every young person,affected by some government policies, we are all in it together and we can only make it better together.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

To follow bloggers, we understand that negative articles /post bring traffic but we need a balance.

We can’t keep telling the same stories and expect to see a change.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

It’s been years now but we keep going back to Fela for music that calls out the ills in the society.

We have a platform , Let is use them for the right things.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

Everyday If the doctors are not on strike then the teachers are.

People are studying computer science without computer.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

My tweets of Friday was not directed to a person and was way after the arrest.

To every business that may have been seen as suspect, it was not intended to.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

Nigeria is our own.

If we don’t make it better, the people in government will steal the money, move their families to their houses overseas and we’d be here fighting one another.

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) May 14, 2018

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