Nigeria: Nigerian Twitter Reatcts To Linda Ikeji’s Pregnancy


Linda Ikeji has been the subject of Nigerian twitter and for a noteworthy reason: Linda who lectures abstinence is pregnant.

After her sister uncovered she was locked in to a man who has stayed obscure, numerous anticipated an intricate wedding just to be taken off by this current advancement.

Read some of the reactions below:

Hopefully Linda Ikeji did not get pregnant through s*x, cos she was preaching celibacy na

– ♚ Ugℓу Nαke∂ Gυу 🇳🇬 (@t_riumphant) May 20, 2018

Interviewer: Linda how can you explain your condition to your single female fans?

Linda Ikeji: I’m surprised too oh, I just slept and woke up and… pic.twitter.com/UJMPh4JiYv

– Four-eyed Edo boy™ (@Alex_Houseof308) May 20, 2018

When you hear Linda Ikeji Is Celibately Pregnant 😂 😂 😂 pic.twitter.com/jcllLgRInI

– Village Headmaster™® (@josh_cr7) May 20, 2018

Linda Ikeji played you all 😂 preaching the whole “Empower the Lady Girl” campaign as if last last it’s not man that will put a baby inside her 😅😆

You people better learn!!

– Wunderkid (@WunderKid_) May 20, 2018

Linda Ikeji allowed girls to join celibacy gang only for her to show up pregnant. We will not take it.

– Sally (@is_salsu) May 20, 2018

Linda ikeji’ is pregnant after a long time of preaching celibacy… . Listen not that what she did is good or bad… The point here is… DON’T BASE YOUR LIFE ON WHAT ANOTHER PERSON DOES OR SAYS… ..

There are standards everywhere… Choose what suits u.. Bin the rest.

– 🇳🇬 THIN TALL CEEJAY 🇳🇬 (@ceejayonlyne) May 20, 2018

Meanwhile, some are making jokes out of the situation:

Linda Ikeji is a BOSS tho! When you think you have her figured out 😂… . las las people will study ‘Linda Ikeji’ as a major in school

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– LoveWins (@tblovewins) May 20, 2018

Linda Ikeji is advertising her pot belly & una dey say pregnancy

– Major A. (@king_adze) May 20, 2018

P.E Teacher: Define Leg-Over

Me: Linda Ikeji being pregnant in secret whilst telling other girls to remain celibate pic.twitter.com/XlVQuM3DbJ

– Oba Of Nigeria (@UrbanCulture06) May 20, 2018

And there are others who are genuinely happy for her:

I’m happy for Linda Ikeji… .after all the “Shiloh” mocking that Nigerians mocked her because of husband and children now see her winning on every side.

– Joy Adaku Mcwashington (@AdakuNonso) May 20, 2018

Congratulations to Blogger Linda Ikeji on her pregnancy. Her ability to keep it secret while regularly posting pics is a remindr that on social media, people only show you what they want you to see. Have this at the back of your mind and never compare your life to that of others. pic.twitter.com/lnLqYkr8BT

– Moji Delano (@MojiDelanoBlog) May 20, 2018

Congratulations to Linda Ikeji! Pregnancy sure looks good on her 😍😍. pic.twitter.com/hyD68D6ebn

– Laila Ijeoma (@LailaIjeoma) May 20, 2018

Congratulations to you, Linda ikeji. May God bless the seed of your womb. You shall have a safe delivery by His grace. I am so happy for you. This is the best news today. pic.twitter.com/snOnCMSJXZ

– Akaba Hajaar (Miss) (@TheHajaarAkaba) May 20, 2018

Aunty Linda Ikeji has been keeping her relationship private until her pregnancy swell… Moral: Ladies can’t keep secret for long. Congrats😁 pic.twitter.com/WmijwKdzmk

– Genius Joker NG 🇳🇬 (@GeniusJokerNG) May 20, 2018


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