Nigeria: The Nigeria Singer, Runtown, Has been Sued By His Label, Eric Many, For An Alleged Breach Of Contract.

In an order filed at a Federal High Court, Lagos, on Monday, the label said the ‘Energy’ singer has been “deliberately breaching his contract”.
The label also accused the singer, real name, Douglas Agu, of failing to fulfil his contractual obligations, recording an album without its consent, and performing at shows without approval.

The record label two years ago sued Runtown, whose deal with Eric Many expires in June, over allegations similar to the ones he is currently being accused of.

The legal dispute was settled out of court.

This time around, the label is claiming that Runtown owes hundreds of millions.

“He’s recording with artists like Del’B without the written approval of the label and without an Eric Many appointee at the point of recording as agreed in our contract,” a statement of claim read.

“Runtown has also been appearing in venues and collecting appearance fees without the approval of the label and also performing in private shows without the label’s consent which contravenes clause 4.4.1 of his record deal which states that ‘the Defendant(Runtown) can only engage in recording, collaborating or performing with other artistes for third parties or other record companies upon proper notification in advance to the Plaintiff.”

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The label also claims that Runtown is knee deep in debt to them after taking out loans on a luxury car and executing unauthorized collaborations, which caused the label losses in royalties.

“Hundreds of millions in naira from the Lamborghini Gallardo super-fast car which he still has to pay back to the label and also an album that must be released through the right channels,” the label said in a statement.

“He has been doing numerous collaborations with several artists without getting the written approval of the label and as a result, no royalties have come back to the label from any of these collaborations.”

The label also claimed to have sacked his Runtown’s current manager, Ifeanyi Nwunne .

Their reason? “He is more of a drug addict that smokes marijuana round the clock. A new manager will be appointed soonest’.”


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