Nigeria: Mercy Johnson’s Fan Threatens Angela Okorie

Actress Angela Okorie has revealed that fans of Mercy Johnson have been sending her death threats after her claims that the movie superstar battled her spiritually and physically.

“She (Mercy Johnson) did worse than that to me and I confronted her and she started fighting me spiritually and physically, oil dey my head small small witches no reach Abeg,” she commented on actress Sonia Ogiri’s explosive Instagram post.

But after her revelation, Okorie has been receiving avalanche of attack from Mercy Johnson fans, with some even going as far as to threaten to kill her son.

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She posted a screenshot of a fan warning her to apologize to Mercy else her son will die.

“Angela hmmm you have bite the wrong meat accusing Mercy Johnson of attacking you spiritually. I give you seven days to go back and apologize for your lies or else your son will die,” the threat read.

However, Angela says she is unshaken by this as she is protected by God. She also cursed the fan, saying that death will engulf his or her whole generation.



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