Nigeria: Linda Ikeji Reality Tv Show “Made In Gidi” What Is About

Linda Ikeji premiered “Made in Gidi,” On July 12, a reality show which was, before its release, likened to the popular Big Brother Naija reality show.
Just like Big Brother Naija, the show features a number of men and women – seven women and five men – living together in a house with no laptops, no phones or television.

Prior to its début, Ikeji asked viewers to expect drama, friendship, love, tears, backbiting, pulling of wigs, and maybe s*x.

However, it has been weeks since the show made its début on the online streaming platform Linda Ikeji TV, and it has been more popular for its jauntiness than entertainment value.

It has elicited several reactions since its début – mostly negative – and according to Linda Ikeji, she understands where the disapproval is coming.


But it’s just a business move. In an Instagram post, the media entrepreneur explained that to succeed in the business world, one must be better than rivals and know what the market wants.

In other words, the Nigerian TV audience wants shows like “Made in Gidi.”

But “Made in Gidi” is no Big Brother Naija. Unlike the latter, there’s no voting, entertaining games, evictions or winner.

There’s absolutely no connection between the viewers and the housemates. Viewers aren’t able to relate with any of the contestants because they are a projection of themselves, a friend, or colleague; or a reflection of certain behaviors that they can only show behind closed doors.

Their stories are not known. There’s no way to connect.

While the Big Brother Naija could appeal to Nigerians for several reasons – relationships and sex; an insight into how the human mind works; and game strategy – “Made in Gidi” hasn’t exactly defined what its appeal is.


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