Nigeria: I Will Pay Thugs To Beat You – Bobrisky Threatens Actor Uche Maduagwu

It gives the idea that contentious Nigerian male Barbie has had enough from Nollywood performing artist, Uche Maduagwu. Bobrisky took to his Instagram handle to debilitate the performing artist. As per Bobrisky, Maduagwu has been on his case for some time now however he has turned hard of hearing ears to every one of his rages via web-based networking media yet this time around, he could never again stomach every one of his put-down. Bobrisky on Instagram complimented Maduagwu for at long last standing out enough to be noticed social media. He additionally undermined him saying, he will pay hooligans to pummel the performer and a short time later surrender himself to the police.

His post reads: “Hey idiot, you don’t worth my attention because it’s obvious you are an attention seeker. You look dirty and unkept. You have been trying to get my attention long time ago, congrats! You finally got it. All this rubbish you keep writing about me on your disgusting page I’m not moved a bit so continue. But very soon you will get a heavy beating of your life that you will never forget in your life because it’s a service I paid for. After the beating I will now surrender myself to the police that I’m behind it. Cheers.”

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Going through Maduagwu’s Instagram handle, the actor shared a picture collage of ex-BBNaija housemate Alex and Bobrisky disclosing that, the cross dresser needs Alex’s wisdom to help him remember his true gender.

His post reads: “@bobrisky222 needs @alex_unusual WISDOM to remember his REAL GENDER. How can a full grown man with pubic hair growing all over his armpit forget his entire GENDER, just like that? @bobrisky222 God created you as a MAN, but if you’re still not 100% sure if that’s your correct gender status, then you need @alex_unusualWisdom. @bobrisky222 roaming the street of LAGOS with an oversize ‘bra’ and vigorously searching for where you mistakenly misplaced your gender is not the right step because someone might have picked it and donated it to charity, just accept your little mistake, you probably aren’t the first person in #Africa to misplace something as important as his or her GENDER, right now all you need is @alex_unusual WISDOM, she is an intelligent girl, the ONLY woman who never allowed any morally bankrupt guy in #BBnaija TEAR her ‘pant’ on #nationaltelevision like the other shameless and desperate girls who had S*X, yet, still didn’t smell the 45 million naira.”


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