Nigeria: I Never Wanted to be Limelight, I am a Private Person – Rapper, MI

The popular Nigerian rap act, MI Abaga, made a new revelation about himself in an interview. The celebrated rap star disclosed that he never wanted to be the most popular person in the world but only wanted to be able to sufficiently provide for his family.

He continued by adding that as an artist, once you start to grow older, you must take the initiative to prioritize the things that are most important in life. Abaga said that although the pressure to live a luxurious life has always been on him, he had never been depressed.

He stressed that it was okay if a person could not afford the extravagant things in life as happiness should come first before every other secondary things.

hen asked about why he included his controversial rap track, You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives, in his last album, the rap icon disclosed that he wanted the song to serve a purpose for rappers who had been underground. He added that the song had steered talented rap acts to start coming out to showcase their talent.

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The rap star further said that his intention to go into movie production known. He added that he was not going to be joining the movie industry as an actor but would pitch his tent with movie production.

Abaga said he was going to search for talented directors and writers as he wished to support them with his skill set. He added that he had an interesting script in the works and the movie was going to be one that everyone would love to watch.


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