Nigeria: God Saved Me From Death Twice Via Automobile Crashes – Ali Baba

Pro entertainer, Ali Baba, on Tuesday said he got away passing by the stubbles twice in auto crashes while ‘experiencing childhood’ in media outlets.

On his authority Instagram page, Ali Baba said he turned out somersaulting from vehicles on two unique events. He said he was coming back from an occasion sorted out by the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba in 1993 when the principal mishap happened.

“… At around 5.30am, similarly as we passed the #ConcordNewspaper twist on that street connecting old household to universal, despite everything I can recollect unmistakably, that I thought I saw the person driving fall asleep on the controlling wheels. I endeavored to connect with him with a joke, next thing, the auto was somersaulting. More likely than not been in excess of three times. As it moved again and again, I continued yelling a certain something. Efe, was to reveal to me later, “Ali cash go do you something”… what?

“She said I kept shouting “My cheque! My cheque!! My cheque!!!” How was I to know? To God almighty, I thought I was shouting “My Chest!”… anyway, we later found #TheBookof5000JokesAndOneliners that I was reading. And true, there was a cheque inside. A Trans International Bank crossed cheque of 65k. In 1993… But I still believe I was saying ‘my chest’,” Ali Baba wrote.

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In another post, Abi Baba said, “The second near death accident was on our way back from the #CoscharisTableTennistournament. The Hiace Bus bringing us from Nnewi somersaulted into the bush after a burst tyre. I was the second passenger in the front seats, next to the driver.

“As God would have it, I was looking for my sentimental cassette to change into my Walkman and had removed my seatbelt. I remember trying to lock back my seatbelt when the tyre burst. I was flung out, through the windscreen onto the hot Shagamu expressway and the bus continued its somersaults into the bush. I was one of the only three people who had no serious injuries. The bus was full. I joined in bringing bodies to the road.”


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