NIGERIA: Family Digs Out The Remains Of Relative Who Died 48 Years Ago To Give Him A Befitting Burial (PHOTOS)

In what will come across as a rather strange development, a family has decided to rebury a man who had died 48 years ago.

The remains of a man who died 48 years ago in 1968, has been exhumed by his family.
The man’s family in Benue State exhumed the remains of their relative identified as Simeon Mbaana Acka who in order to give him a befitting reburial.
According to Idoma Voice, the deceased was buried in Ampo cemetery, Gboko in 1968. His family members believe he was wrongly buried and on July 29th, exhumed his skeleton to be reburied at his ancestral home in Mbamar Ugondo, Logo L.G.A of Benue State.
See more photos below:

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