Nigeria: Dele Ogun Launches New Book For The United States Of Nigeria

London lawyer, keynote speaker and historian, Dele Ogun, recently launched his book on Nigerian and British-colonial leadership, ‘A Fatherless People .’

He says: “At a time when the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting has just taken place in London, it is important to look back on the colonial history tracking how Nigeria came to be part of the Commonwealth.”

In Dele Ogun’s book, he explains how 371 ethnic groups were brought together under colonial rule and how this metamorphosed into The Federal Republic of Nigeria, where there are now 36 States. Some call this amalgam ‘The United States of Nigeria’.

The launch of the book in London attracted hundreds of people and is now receiving 5-star reviews on Amazon. Outside of writing, Dele Ogun speaks with authority on Nigerian issues on the BBC and is an award-winning keynote speaker. A potential TV presenter, Dele Ogun’s star is rising as he examines a documentary, international screen play offers, and a West End play option.

“This book is intended to be part of the process by which Britain comes to terms with its past and resets the relationship with the people of Nigeria, on whom it imposed political union” says Ogun. “It is the author’s mission to show that the people of Nigeria are no different from the people of all other countries with their mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.”

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Nigeria boasts a fast-growing population of over 195 million in 2018, and enough oil to be the world’s 13th largest producer and 8th largest exporter in 2016. Oil provides about 40% of GDP, and 80% of government revenue, and helps to turn the wheels of many countries, including the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and the USA. After oil, interestingly, the repatriation of money from abroad provides the second highest income to Nigeria. Economists view this high repatriation of income as an innate loyalty and confidence in ‘brand Nigeria’.

Perhaps not understood abroad, Nigerians are adaptable and entrepreneurial with GDP growing at one of the fastest rates in Africa and globally. Soundly based on research, the book promises to become popular among businesses, leaders, academia and others engaging with Nigeria.

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