Nigeria: Comedian AY Makun Reacts to Seun Kuti’s Allegation

The Nigerian comedian AY Makun has responded to the recent charge leveled against him by Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti.

In a recent live session, Seun stated that he insulted AY when his house was burned down “because he portrayed my daughter as a dog” in a performance satirizing his fight with a police officer on the highway.

In an Instagram video response, AY denied ever characterizing Seun’s child as a “dog” in his skits.

Seun was advised to develop a “broader sense of humour” by the comedian. He also mentioned that “we both learned from Fela Kuti,” the late singer’s father, who “used humour for social commentary.”

“I made a decision to respond to this because he mentioned that I addressed his baby as a dog. For me, I love kids. I am one human being who looked for kids for like 13 years. I do not think I would find myself in a position to mock another living being as a child and refer to that child as a dog,” he said.

“For some reason, I know that you have traveled far and wide. Your sense of humour should be more open to jokes if we say it is a joke and then you can take it as a joke. You throw shades, Seun. Nobody comes for you.

“Your dad used to do ‘yabbings’ night. Yabbing everybody in politics. He used to do all of that and people go there to laugh because they know that he is a social commentator. He is doing his job. We are doing the same thing. So, I do not see why you take offence on my own. Your father taught us this job.”

The comedian said if anyone was supposed to be offended by the skit, it was Hilda Baci, the record-winning chef, adding that she “understood that it was a joke”.

“Now, the skit was a reflection of trending issues. I talked about fuel subsidy which was trending at that time. And if I recall, at that time, Hilda Baci and Enioluwa were both trending for eating dog meat,” he said.

“And a woman called them out. And then I mentioned the name Hilda [in the scene where the dog was sitting in the back seat of the car in the skit]. That was what I was portraying in that video.”


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