Nigeria: Blocking Fans on Social Media Doesn’t Mean Am Proud – Comedian, Ay

The multi-talented comedian, AY Disclosed this on his Instagram page. According to him, the reward for insulting someone on his Instagram page is to get blocked.

“Abi them no dey know say you fit block them? I don’t like blocking. I don’t like shutting down avenues of communication. But if you’ve gone out of your way to insult me or my family over the things you cannot proof or defend, I will not give you the room to make me consider jumping into 3rd Mainland Bridge as an option in life.

“Blocking you only ensures I won’t have to accommodate any form of depression coming from someone who doesn’t care about how I feel. It’s as simple as getting up from your bed at night to put off the AC when you realise that you are beginning to catch a cold. This has nothing to do with being a proud celebrity. it’s more about you knowing that I am equally human too,” he wrote.

AY might be making a lot of sense and at the same time, some people might be of the opinion that as celebrities and public figures, you should be ready to take anything. Apart from blocking people on social media some celebrities have lately complained about some fans begging for financial help.

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