Nigeria: Banky W Reacts To News About Young Lady Who Jumped Into Lagoon In Lagos

Nigerian performing artist and artist Banky W, as of late talked on the dismal occasion of the lady who bounced inside the Lagos tidal pond on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

Sharing locations of mental healing facilities in Nigeria on his page, the maturing performing artist in his post tended to sorrow and exhorted individuals who experience the ill effects of the affliction to dependably connect for help.


He wrote: “I just heard the heartbreaking news about the young lady who committed suicide by jumping off the 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos… Barely 48 hours after we discussed Anthony Bourdain. This is a list of all the regional psychiatric centres in Nigeria (thanks @mocheddah). Please reach out and talk to someone. If you’re dealing with depression, it is not ridiculous.

It is not something you should be ashamed of. If you feel like you’re done, and you have nothing left to live for, please believe that you are wrong.. Please talk to someone.

Suicide is not the answer. PS: My *personal* belief is that GOD is the answer. And if you’re in Lagos and willing to try Him, *in addition to getting medical help*, you can go to my church @mytph and talk to someone. Not trying to impose my personal spiritual beliefs on anyone – just sharing what has worked for me.”


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