Nigeria: 7 Best Lines From Wizkid’s ‘Fever’ Track

The ‘Star Boy’ himself Wizkid dropped a new single ‘Fever’ a few weeks ago and the reception has been lit.
However, the song has gained more popularity since the visuals was released. Wizkid in his capacity as one of the biggest music star in Africa featured Tiwa Savage as the main video vixen in the song.

Listening to the lyrics of the song gives you that Afro-pop rhythm which a lot of people are already vibing to. After listening to the song, I’d love to share with you seven of my best lines from the song and what I think about them.

1. Girl you make my eye dey red

Typically this line represents how deeply in love Wizkid is in love with his love interest. Over here in Nigeria, red-eye doesn’t necessarily mean the eye is actually red, but it symbolises how deep the emotions are felt.

2. Walachi Oh Say, Walicha, Only Your Water Fit Quench My Fire

This is one line which actually feels like the best line in the entire song because of its proverbial meaning. Apparently, his love interest is the only one who can satisfy him sexually or keep him calm (Not so sure which one he was talking about exactly).

3. No Be Koni Koni Love Wey I Use You Play (Use You Play, Odor)

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Well, we all know what ‘Koni Koni love’ means (Fake love) and Wizkid wanted his love interest to be rest assured that he isn’t going to break her heart.

4. Open Up My Mind Say Na Only You Dey My Mind Oh

This particular line sounds like the kind of lyrics a player would say to a woman he interested in(Temporarily). Well, Wizkid wants his lover to believe he indeed only has interest in her only.

5. Make We Dey One Plus One Na Two, Yeah Yeah, Yeah

Lol! Even though is probably the easiest mathematical question ever, it is always applicable to love when two people are romantically linked and want to show how unbreakable their bond can be.

6. Make You No Dey Whine, You You Dey Stand Fit Oh

This is one lyric I love not because it actually means anything (Still trying to figure out what he was trying to say) but because it actually just suits the song. Love it!

7. Baby Girl You Fine You Set Oh

Even though it feels like I have heard this line a number times on other songs, the lyric actually comes alive when you watch the video. Tiwa Savage actually looked fine and ‘set’ and yes Wizkid was right!


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