Niger Opposition Coalition Resumes Political Activities

Members of Niger opposition group, Coalition for an Alternative (COPA), said they have decided to resume their activities in the country’s parliament and at the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).

Leaders of the opposition coalition, in a statement, explained that they wanted to, “limit the damage of a chaotic governance” and “curb the institution of a single way of thinking”.

They clarified that the country’s institutions from the last ballot suffered from a lack of credibility and representativeness.

The opposition coalition had alleged fraud in the first round of the election, claiming “unfair treatment between the two candidates” and has vowed not to recognise the results, even though opposition candidate, Hama Amadou has not himself said he would withdraw from the race.

The group noted that members of the opposition would return to parliament early this week. The leaders also announced that they will participate in the Election Commission operations in view of the forthcoming local elections scheduled to hold around June.

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The opposition political class in Niger had suspended its political participation in protest against the conduct of the first and second round of the presidential elections, and had then challenged the reelection of president Mahamadou Issoufou with nearly 93% of the votes.

The group had said it would no longer recognise the re-elected president as the legitimate leader of Niger. This came ahead of the publication of the results of the second run-off election proclaiming the victory of Mahamadou Issoufou.


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