New Film Tragedy As Indiana Jones Crew Member Dies on location

A crew member on the upcoming Indiana Jones film has died on location, it has been reported.


Nic Cupac, 54, who was among 100 crew members working for the blockbuster sequel, was tragically found dead in his hotel in Fes, Morocco, The Sun reports. He had flown out to help with a complicated stunt for the film involving a rickshaw before he passed away.


The actor had been rehearsing for a fight scene for the upcoming film when he was injured.



Fellow crew members paid tribute to Mr. Cupac, who is thought to have died of natural causes.


One friend wrote: ‘One of the very best — taught me so much when I was starting out.’


And another person added: ‘I’m heartbroken. Nic was such a lovely man.’


The fifth and final Indiana Jones sequel, which was initially due for release in 2022 but has now been pushed back to 2023, saw filming halted by three months this year after actor Harrison Ford suffered a shoulder injury.




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