Namibian Man Brutally Attacks Girlfriend With Hammer

A 28-year-old woman is currently recovering in hospital following a savage attack by her boyfriend, New Era has reported.

The victim, Taina Niita Shipopyeni, was hit several times with a hammer after her boyfriend, Samuel Ndapandula Iipinge, claimed that she was trying to break up with him.

The brutal attack was said to have occurred after the “lovebirds” returned from a local shebeen and got into an altercation following a request by Shipopyeni that Iipinge move out of the house they shared due to concerns raised by her family.

Shipopyeni recounted how her boyfriend grabbed a hammer and proceeded to hit her on the head, forehead and left eye in anger.

Iipinge was discovered hanging in a shack at his home shortly after Shipopyeni was taken in for care.

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Police officials confirmed the incident, saying that they believed that Iipinge could have committed suicide thinking that he had killed his girlfriend.

The attack marked the latest in a string of domestic abuse cases across Namibia, with two women having been killed by their boyfriends within the space of a week in March of this year.

According to a separate New Era report, 48 murder cases involving domestic relations were recorded between January and December of last year.

Statistics showed that 25 women were killed in 2013, while a further 12 people were killed between January and February 2014 alone due to domestic disputes.


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