Namibian Families In Shock Over Theft Of Tombstones

Four families are in shock following the theft of their loved ones’ tombstones at a Namibian graveyard

According to New Era, the stolen tombstones were unveiled between 2008 and 2012, with the families having discovered the theft within the last week of February.

Although circumstances around the theft remained unknown, the families revealed that they were informed of development by a girl who was passing by the graveyard when she noticed that the tombstones were missing.

“The girl notified the relatives of the one grave she saw had a missing tombstone and that is how the rest were discovered,” said the Okaku Constituency headman Absai Michael Shikulo.

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The tombstones in question were suspected to have been stolen in order to be reworked and resold.

Although reports remain unconfirmed, witnesses reported seeing a vehicle belonging to a funeral parlour parked at the cemetery two nights before the theft took place.

Okaku Councillor Hannu Kapenda has since advised the families to fence off the graves in order to prevent future thefts.


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