Nairobi Diaries Stars’ Beef: Mishi Dora Reveals Where Bridget Achieng Buys Her Bleaching Creams And How Much She Pays For Them

The hatred between Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng from Nairobi diaries keeps escalating each passing day. After being friends for years, the two parted ways after Mishi Dora joined the reality show and started exposing the fake lifestyle these ladies live.

For now, she does not get along with not only Bridget Achieng, Risper Faith Faith and Pendo but with almost lady featured in the reality show. Her presence in the show has been felt for months now as she has proven to be stronger than most girls and I hear the ladies have now started watching their backs!

Anyway just recently Mishi Dora got the opportunity to talk with comedian Dr Ofweneke on his live show where she exposed Bridget Achieng for lying about the amount she apparently paid to bleach her skin. According to Mishi, Bridget Achieng only used 2500 to purchase the cream and 3000 shillings to get the skin toner scrub.

When asked how she knew about all these, the Nairobi Diaries actress responded by saying she once took Bridget Achieng to River Road where she saw her pay for the items.

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Fans who however commented below the video claim that Mishi Dora needs to get a life of her own since she seems more interested in what others are doing for themselves.


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