My Relationship With Rue Baby Is Complicated – Kenyan Comedian, MCA Tricky

Kenyan comedy kid, MCA Tricky´s close relationship with Akothee´s daughter, Rue Baby has fueled speculations that the two are an item.

However, the duo has time and again insisted that they are just good friends but none is buying that.

During a recent interview with Switch TV´s Chatspot team, singer Mayonde asked the comedian:

We really want to know what is your relationship with Rue Baby.
MCA Tricky with Switch TV´s Chatspot show hosts

Cryptically responding:

My relationship with Rue Baby is complicated.

Asked to elaborate further, the Churchill Show comedian categorically stated that their relationship is purely work-related.

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Our relationship is work-related – MCA Tricky

Adding that Rue is part of his entertainment projects because he believes she best suits the role.

Rue Baby ni beshte yangu sana halafu venye umeona hizo clips tumekua tukifanya na yeye projects kadhaa za Entertainment. So nimem incorporate kwa hizo clips, unajua ukicreate online content lazima uchose characters wisely. [Rue Baby is my friend and you´ve all seen the projects we´ve been doing with her. I have incorporated her in the clips and I believe she´s doing a good job. Yes, the relationship is work-related.]

Otherwise, nothing intimate.


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