Nigeria: My Net Worth is 10 Times Greater Than Davido’s Worth – Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti,

The entertainment enthusiast and music promoter, Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti, told newsmen that her net worth is 10 times higher than what Davido is flaunting as a fortune.

“I’ve royalties I collect and my net worth is ten times more than Davido’s. If I begin to think of how long I’ve been making money or when I started making millions, Davido had not dreamt of making the money he’s spending now,” she said.

The 35-years-old daughter of the late music legend is also not a fan of Davido’s music and she explained her reason for not ‘digging’ the OBO star.

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Motunrayo said, “I don’t think Davido is a good artiste, I don’t like him. I’ve never related to his songs because he usually sings about girls, love, money and I’m not interested in that kind of music. I want music that would give me intelligence, music that would make me feel okay when I’m in a particular situation, not songs that would be telling me about a woman, a gold digger, an expensive shoe, accessory or whatever. That’s why I love Nicki Minaj; if you listen to her hardcore songs you’ll get a lot of intelligence from it.”


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