‘Mr Eventuary’s Manager Deletes All Posts From Instagram Page, Changes Handle Name

As it was earlier reported by, that the young sensational taxi driver who goes by the name ‘Mr Eventuary’ has parted ways with his manager after their first major show in Nigeria, the manager, Theophilus Arthur aka Theo Wade has somehow confirmed the earlier report as he has changed the Instagram handle and deleted all photos and videos from the comedian’s page.

According to the earlier report on, the manager who spoke to them in his own words revealed that “I am not comfortable with some of the things he’s been doing. He doesn’t see my value as a Manager; from all indications, I knew this would come but there were a lot of people who told me to be patient so I held on.”

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“When we went to Nigeria, there was a lot of misunderstanding and when we came to Ghana he started acting up so I had to part ways with him”

“He shouldn’t even mention my name anywhere whether good or bad. If he mentions my name anywhere I can take him to court so he shouldn’t even try it” Mr Arthur said.


To confirm that indeed there are issues with his manager, we checked on his Instagram page only to see it changed to another name with the handle ‘laughoutloudafrica_’ with all photos and videos deleted.

See screenshot below:



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