MP:CORD As Handed Jubilee 2017 Victory

A jubilee participant of Parliament has said that the CORD union has  easily handed the jubilee union in the 2017 political election success.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri stated that CORD’s behavior is making it so simple for jubilee to win the next year polls. Talking on Friday at Nakuru community, Ngunjiri claimed that CORD does not have major leaders that could lead this country.

He claimed that the opposition coalition is full of jokers who cannot be trusted with the country’s leadership.

The MP said that 2017 polls will be a walk in the park for the ruling jubilee coalition adding that they will win the election by noon. “CORD is full of confusion and circus and they are simpling telling jubilee to continue leading the country for the next twenty years because they know that they cannot lead this nation,”said Ngunjiri.

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“In CORD there is no one who has the qualities that a president needs and that is why they will miserably lose next years polls,”he said. “Come August 2017 jubilee will win the election by noon and CORD already knows that,”he added.


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