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‘Most Frustrated Women Are Not Sexually Satisfied’ – Relationship Experts

It was a unanimous response from all three women on the Ghanaweb TV’s Moans and Cuddles show, when they were asked what the feeling is for a woman who is not sexually satisfied.

According to them, most men concentrate on different things rather than intimacy and satisfying the women they are with, thereby making these women unnecessarily frustrated.

Akosua Sakyi, a panelist, said a woman who is sexually frustrated easily snaps at her partner over the least thing and gets angry when there is no need.

“A woman who is sexually unsatisfied is frustrated, she gets angry at the least thing and when you ask her a question, she easily snaps at you. She is frustrated! she said.

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Nana Yaa gave a clearer picture, for her, a woman who has all the money in the world and is sexually frustrated, will still have the worst feeling.

“Imagine you are with your man, you are both broke, but you have great sex, you will never fight, but have all the money in the world and be sexually frustrated, even how he walks into the room annoys you”, she added.

The women agreed that when a woman is sexually satisfied, she becomes happy, and that happiness transcends all the problems in the relationship.

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