Ethiopians fleeing intense fighting in their homeland of Tigray, gather in the bordering Sudanese village 8, east of the town of Gadaref, on November 13, 2020. - Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, winner of last year's Nobel Peace Prize, ordered military operations in Tigray last week, shocking the international community which fears the start of a long and bloody civil war. (Photo by Ebrahim HAMID / AFP)

More Than 58,000 Ethiopian Refugees Flee Into Sudan – UN

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Sunday said that more than 58,000 Ethiopian refugees fled into neighboring Sudan amid military confrontation in Ethiopia’s northernmost Tigray region.


A total of 58,612 Ethiopian refugees have been registered in Sudan since military confrontations between the federal and regional forces in the Tigray region broke out in November 2020, the agency said in its latest situation update.


According to the UNHCR, in a bid to mitigate “potential health and security risks,” the UN body has been working with partners to relocate refugees to camps away from the border, and 26,864 refugees have been moved to the designated refugee camps.

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The Ethiopian government is presently providing protection to nearly 1 million refugees mainly from South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, and Sudan, who are being hosted across 26 camps and non-camp locations.


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