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“Money Spent On Nigerian Movies, Will Come Back To Us” – Nigerian Producer, Omoni Oboli

It is no news that the Nollywood industry in Nigeria faces lots of difficulties and setback which hinges on the growth of the economy.

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Movie producer, actress and director Omoni Oboli in BBC’s ”Talk till mouth pain you” interview discloses some challenges she faces when trying to produce a film and also how shortage of cinemas in the country limits profit making.

The mom of 3 says, power failure is a major issue that affects movie production, street touts who forcefully demand money from them on set is also another challenge.

Omoni further urged Nigerians to patronize our local movie producers, stating that films that go ahead to gross large income will circulate back to the people, since she will have to buy clothes, tomatoes e.t.c if she makes huge profit.

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