Mixed Reactions Trail 2019 Mr South Africa Top 20 Finalists

The top 20 finalists of the 2019 Mr South Africa have become the butt of jokes on social media with many people in disbelief over the finalists.

On Thursday, an image of the top 20 finalists was shared on the organisations’ twitter page and was met with mixed reactions that organisers were probably not expecting.

Many twitters users ridiculed the list, with some commenting that the finalists looked like they are on the FBI’s most wanted list or committed some kind of crime.

In a previous interview with SABN, CEO of Mr South Africa JP Robberts said he and the Mr South Africa team are currently “hard at work – day in and day out – to change “the mentality of people not taking Mr South Africa as serious as Miss South Africa”.

According to the organisation, Mr South Africa needs to be someone who has “a great personality and be fun loving with a balanced lifestyle.”

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The organisation has since deleted the original tweet.



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