Mime Artist Caught Yelling F***K Off During Live BBC Broadcast [Video]

Live news television, you can’t beat it. OK, at times it can be quite arduous to sit through, but sometimes it is gold.

Earlier on today, BBC East Midlands Today was reporting on a police crackdown on street drinkers and beggars in Leicester.

Credit: BBC East Midlands Today

Ms Harris is also on the ball, she knows how to handle this situation. She cuts the interview with PSCO Ahmed short and apologises for the foul language heard in the background.

Now, it’s pretty obvious that the first rule of mime artistry is not to speak, so to say this is out of character is a fair comment.

With the camera panning back onto the reporter, the two men can be seen having a go at each other still, this time with Inspector Atwal stood near them – presumably about the have a right go at them herself.

Credit: BBC East Midlands Today

Cutting back to the studio, the anchor says: “Apologies again for any bad language you may have heard in that live report from Leicester.”

No further update has been provided by Leicestershire Police.

Earlier in this year, A BBC News interviewee went viral after his two children busted into his office mid-interview.

Credit: BBC News

Professor Robert E Kelly was speaking live on BBC News 24 about the impeachment of the South Korean president. His two children entered his room, followed by Kelly’s wife who grabbed the children, in a comedic effort, all in front of the nation.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Look East

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