Men Who Are Poor In Bed Cheats The Most – Prince David Osei

Celebrated Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has made a thought-provoking comment regarding men who cheat on their partners.

According to the actor, most men who are fond of cheating are usually bad when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

Prince David Osei took to his Instagram page to post it.

The post reads; “Nobody cheats more than a man who’s not good in bed. He was out there tryna showoff his disability”.

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According to him, they do this to flaunt their disability to other women they get involved with.

Prince David Osei is one of Ghana’s leading actors whose contribution to the movie industry cannot be overlooked.

He is currently one of the richest and most influential actors in Ghana.

Prince David Osei shot to fame after his role in a movie titled “Fortune Island”.


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