Meet The Ex-Wife of Ex-Ghanaian Footballer Shamed After DNA Revealed Children She Gave Birth to Belonged to Other Men

The wife of a former ex-Ghanaian footballer who deceived the man by sleeping around and getting pregnant for other men has been exposed through DNA test.

Gloria Appiah former wife of Ghanaian footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey
The face of the woman who ruined the life of a popular Ghanaian footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey has been revealed.
Lamptey had married Gloria Appiah (formerly known as Gloria Odartey Lamptey) for 21 years and they had three children which unknown to the star footballer belonged to other men.
According to GhanaCelebrities, after having 3 children behind Nii Odartey Lamptey and letting him take care of these kids without knowing he was not the father–Gloria took a case to court to get 50% of the former footballer’s asset, following their divorce.
Odartey Lamptey got to know that the three kids he thought to have fathered with his wife were never his after DNA tests proved so.  After going to court to try and take a lot of Odartey’s assets’ with her, her bid failed when it was confirmed that she actually got pregnant through other men and not by the footballer.
However, her hopes were dashed when an Accra High Court dismissed Gloria’s claim. Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey completely quashed Gloria’s motion to have the ex-footballers assets equally divided. Gloria has however been allocated Nii Lamptey’s property located at Dome as he had proposed.
Reports say: “The estranged wife has also been ordered to vacate Nii Odartey Lamptey’s 7-bedroom apartment in East Legon within 30 days. The court has awarded 40% of a GHc500,000 cash as alimony to the ex-wife, a cost we understand Nii Lamptey intends to appeal.”

Nii Odartey Lamptey

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Speaking to after the ruling, Odartey Lamptey said: “I thank God for taking me through this fight successfully because I didn’t know how far I could go. I’m grateful that the toils that I have gone through for the past 21 years did not go in vain. Though I’ve lost a few properties, I’m very content that at the end of this case, I have retained most of them and I’m still alive too.”
“When I was informed that the [three] children were not mine, I know how I felt. Playing the role of a father to children I thought were mine for 21 years and realizing otherwise later, I nearly committed suicide. God gave me renewed energy and courage to withstand these pains and today, I can say I have gotten over them all.”
“And today, with the final judgement, I thank God that my properties, my school and others I have kept them. She can take the little awarded her. Today the divorce has been granted and that burden that was on me is gone. Now, I’m a free and happy man, ready to start life again.”
Lamptey is now happily married with two kids after the former wife accused him of being impotent. In a recent interview, Lamptey couldn’t hold back tears as he narrated how all the incident affected him, even prompting him to commit suicide.

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