South Africa: Marc Buckner Breaks Silence After Dogs Die In Freak Accident

The Bachelor’s Marc Buckner speaks for the first time about his dogs Luna and Siobhan’s death in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

“It is a blessing and a curse that they passed away in our arms. How does it take just 1 second,” he starts off the post, accompanied by photos of his beloved pets.

Marc adopted Luna his “furry child” eight months before appearing on The Bachelor SA. She does everything with me; goes everywhere with me,” Marc previously told Channel24.

Marc gave Marisia his final rose during the season finale and shortly after going public with their relationship adopted a second dog together, Siobhan, who they nicknamed Si.

According to an eyewitness, Luna and Si died shortly after being struck by a car in Sea Point, Cape Town on Sunday.

JC Hancke, a resident of Sea Point who rushed to the couple’s aid, told Huisgenoot that the ordeal was “very bad”, saying it was most likely a “freak accident”.

About the final moments he shared with his dogs, Marc says: “I am not normally one to share my feelings in a public space like this but I see how Luna and Si have touched so many lives. This is the time for Si and Luna that I fear had left in pain & are lost or confused in spirit. I just want to know that there was little or no pain & that they live on in some way [sic].”


“I am so thankful to them for everything, they helped us through so much, they brought love, joy & life lessons [sic],” says Marc, adding that he is grateful the dogs inspired other to adopt a pet.

Marc hopes that the dogs’ death would not be “in vain”, and his advocating for a fence to put around the grass patch along the Promenade, where dogs are allowed to run free off their leashes.

“Many animals and children have been run down on beach road and we all know that many drivers do not adhere to the speed limits,” he says, adding: “Yesterday we took a walk along the area where Luna & Si passed away and found ourselves cringing every time a car went flying past & noticed children & animals jumping into the street. It just brought everything back and that could be prevented with a simple fence [sic].”

“I am struggling to come to terms with everything but one thing I know is that they were having the best time of their life & who was I to hold them back, they may have had a longer life if things had been different but would they have had such a full life [sic],” he says.


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